Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program
Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program
Cape Cod Bike Safety

Are yOur Services Free?

Hello Summer J-1 is a collaboration between local churches seeking to create international friendships on Cape Cod. Financial support to provide food and gifts are provided by these churches. All staff are volunteers. None of us are paid, and we don't ask for any payment from the students we serve.

How can I find housing accommodations?

Housing is notoriously difficult to find on the Cape in the summertime. We're doing out best to get more families on board to host J-1's. Catherine Boyle has begun a separate organization called "Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program."

Check out the website or get in touch directly via Facebook.

Why do you do this? Why do you help J-1 students?

Hello Summer J-1 exists to inform, help, and provide friendship opportunities for J-1 students seeking to engage in positive cultural exchanges while experiencing a safe and successful summer. We started the ministry in response to the needs of J-1 students. We found J-1 students were in need of important information relating to bicycle safety, health, local information, etc), and we wanted to help provide that. Beyond this, we feel strongly motivated to help J-1s because we believe God wants us to treat foreigners as well as we would our local neighbors.

How Can I Stay Informed About events?

The best way to stay informed is to join the Facebook group. Catherine Boyle makes sure to post updates more regularly than you'll find on the website.  We're in the process of forming an easily accessible Google Calendar as well.

How can I connect with other J-1 students?

Again we'll point you to the Facebook group. As of this writing,
the Hello Summer J-1 group has 3,417 members from all over the world.


How can I stay safe on my bicycle?

The Cape can be very dangerous in the summer. Traffic can be very heavy, tourists can be unfamiliar with the roads, lighting on the roads can be very poor, and there are often no dedicated bicycle lanes. A few tips will help you to keep safe on the road:

  1. Ensure your bicycle can run safely.
  2. It is a state law to place a red blinking light on the back of your bicycle. This light is absolutely essential to your safety biking at night.
  3. A bright white light on the front of your bike will help light the way and prevent you coming across any dangerous obstacles.   
  4. Bright clothing (preferably a neon vest) at night will increase visibility greatly.
  5. Ride on the right (not the left) side of the road to ensure you move in the same direction as traffic.

For a great resource on the subject, head to YouTube and watch a video created by CIEE entitled Transportation Safety: J-1 Exchange Visitor Program.

And here's a great video on Bike & Pedestrian safety created just for Cape Cod.

Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program
CIEE Transportation Safety
Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program
Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program

Hello Summer J-1e.


Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program
Mid-Cape J1 Housing Program