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Our committee

Hello Summer J-1 is run by a committee of volunteers who truly care about international students, and whose desire is to make the summer of every J-1 they encounter safe, enjoyable, and thoroughly enriching experience. Want to know more about any member of our committee?Just click on their portrait!

Hello Summer J1 In the News

On Sep. 4, 2013 and June 13, 2014 the Cape Cod Times featured our events on their front page. The articles were titled "Young foreign workers feted and fed" and "International students welcomed to the Cape."  With increased publicity has come a greater awareness among Cape Cod's population of the challenges that you face as a J1 student, and a desire to help. Each year, new churches and individuals come on board. We hope to continue to increase awareness and expand the services we are privileged to provide you.

Matt & Catherine


Our Purpose

Hello Summer J-1 is a collaboration between local churches seeking to create international friendships on Cape Cod.

Hello Summer J-1 exists to inform, help, and provide friendship opportunities for J-1 students seeking to engage in positive cultural exchanges while experiencing a safe and successful summer.

"I loved the dinner. It was fun. Games, music, and serious things like road rules. Lots of guests. Thank you very much."

- Kamilya (Russia)


"I loved it. I made new friends. Truly amazing what you do. It will bring good fruit. It's truly a powerful the ministry what you do."

- Evgeniy (Moldova)

"Thank you for such a warm welcoming evening!! We loved it a lot. With great pleasure we will be waiting for more events."
Emma (Kazakhstan)

"The openness of people impressed me so much. The level of trust to absolutely foreign people like part of a community, part of a family. Back at home you're like a stranger. Nobody cares about you, everybody is like wolves, in 'survival mode.' This principle operates stronger every year in my country. Here (in Cape Cod) I am a foreign person but treated like I belong...."
Sasha (Russia)

"It was an amazing evening! I fell in love with Cape Cod's people."
Zhanara (Kazakhstan)

"It was super great! I couldn't even imagine anything like that. Thank you all people who organized this truly wonderful event. The concert was so touching and warm. The dinner was delicious. I hope we will stay in touch. Big thank you. It was just amazing."
Alexandra (Russia)

Inna & Andrew Taylor

We at Hello Summer J1 Are Committed to Helping make your stay on
​Cape Cod not just good, but great -

an unforgettable cultural experience.

Hello Summer J-1e.